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    Famivita strives to improve the lives of millions of women
    and families. We create innovative products for trying-to-conceive
    women, pregnant women as well as moms. Famivita uses its
    German expertise in pharmaceutical innovation and regulatory affairs
    to bring solutions to the Brazilian health care market.
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The team behind Famivita consists of experts from the Brazilian and international pharmaceutical industry, fertility experts and mothers. Our personal interest is to make pregnancy and fertility related products more accessible.


Famivita was founded in and from Germany to attend specifically the needs of the Brazilian market. We bring highly innovative health care and fertility products from overseas to Brazil.

Market Access

We have extensive knowledge and experience within the Brazilian healthcare regulatory process. We manage full market entry projects by conducting the registration process and by finding appropriate sales partners in the private and government market.


Millions of families have an unmet desire for a baby due to infertility. There are products and aids to conceive apart from artificial fertilization. We at Famivita research and create these types of products.


Women in pregnancy require special care and special needs. We are looking for products and services which help improve the life of pregnant women and their newborns.


Famivita strives at accompanying women throughout their phases of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Famivita’s aim is to enhance the life if a mother and her child in this new situation.

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Famivita has experienced partners from the Brazilian and international pharmaceutical industry. We are constantly looking for new collaborations and partnerships. Please get in touch with us if you think we could be a good fit.